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Common Casino Slots Myths

There are a couple of very common myths surrounding casino slots, and no doubt you’ve heard some of them before. The dictionary defines a myth as, a popular belief or story that has become associated with a person, institution, or occurrence. Allow me to set the record straight on these common myths or misconceptions. Modern casino slots are controlled by Random Number Generators (RNG). Their win ratios are programmed into the slot machine’s computer chip and cannot be changed. That said lets look at some of the common casino slots myths:

Myth : If I had kept playing, I would have hit that jackpot instead of him!

Fact : By the law of averages, it is true that if you continue to play you will eventually hit the jackpot. But in truth because the RNG is constantly cycling thought different combinations even if the slot machine is not being played, it is highly unlikely that you would have hit spin at the exact moment the winning combination was cycled through. The RNG shoots out a new combination every 1000 th of a second.

Myth : The Casino Staff can change the payout rate.

Fact : The payout percentage is programmed into the RNG on the slots computer chip at the factory, this cannot be changed without the machine being sent back to the factory and then submitted to the gambling governing body. The same holds true for online casinos or virtual casinos. Their software is created by 3rd party software providers that preset and program the RNG. Once again this means the casino and its staff cannot change the payout rate.

Myth : The slot machine won’t hit again since the jackpot was just hit on that machine.

Fact : Again it comes down to the RNG, which is normally programmed to payout about 95% of all bets. In fact 2 jackpots can be hit directly after each other meaning that there will then be smaller payouts in the near future in order to bring the payout percentage back to 95%.

Myth : Players win less when they use their slot club cards.

Fact : There is no link between the members card and the slot machines RNG, and by choosing not to use your card you will actually be loosing valuable loyalty points.